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Do you need a fast out of the box website?
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Our Services.

Our services will help you get the most out of your business
by helping you implement data automation and information delivery in your processes.

Web Design

Professional web designers that work together with the marketing team to create beautiful stunning websites.

Desktop, mobile and web applications

Our software development gurus study your workflow and process and turn your needs into a powerful application.

DataBase Driven Apps

We know that your business rely on data, that's why with our applications, you will have every bit of information where and when you need it.

Shared Hosting

We have developed our own custom–built hosting system based on the most recent high–end technologies. Having each service (DNSs, e–mail messages, databases, apps, etc.) taken care of by a separate physical server, your site content will operate in the cloud and will be totally protected against occasional downtimes and performance disturbances.

Semi - Dedicated Servers

Our virtual server services are designed with all the functionalities and applications that you might want so as to administer your resource–hungry sites and applications from a single location. Each VPS offer gives a variety of Linux distributions, SSD storage, root/administrator access to the server and regular off–site file backups. You will get ensured CPU and RAM amounts for much faster data transfer speeds.

Dedicated Servers

Your dedicated server will be stored in one of the best–reputation data center in US – Steadfast, which is headquartered in downtown Chicago. The place offers you appropriate network conditions for your sites and web apps. The likelihood of breakdowns on account of natural catastrophes like hurricanes, seismism or floods is reduced to a minimum. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week onsite protection tracking systems and Gigabit network connectivity to any part of the world are presented also..

Domain Hosting

At SMKAPPS LLC., we do not just distribute domains. Our company offers leading domain management services. Plus, we supply you with an affordable domain along with each of our cloud hosting packages


Low cost yet powerful OpenVZ VPS is the platform where you’ll get everything you need at affordable prices. For users who are comfortable with Linux, OpenVZ VPS represents the best VPS hosting at an affordable price.

KVM Hosting

We provide our clients with secure, fast, and cost-effective KVM VPS hosting solutions. KVM represents an up-and-coming vendor in the VPS market, and for good reason: it’s supported by RedHat, which is a trusted and innovative name in the VPS business.


Enhancing your success

We are proud to say that we use the most up to date tools to create all our sites and applications. Our application development team specializes in both back and front end, as well as databases and user interface, that way, we can give you a full solution to your needs.

Base software projects.

We have designed several tools to help you manage your business.
If you want information about our Insurance assistant, CRM, ERP or Doctors assistant, do not hesitate to contact us.

Our Customers

Meet our founders

This two guys started a web design and application development company back in 2007!
It has been 13 years since then, which means that the experience and expertise has also become greater. The company was created because they wanted to help the small and medium businesses grow, and now, still keeping that in mind, the company has grown as well as the number of customers, but our initial perspective has been and always will be to help the people create and maintain their business ... at an affordable price.

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Try our WebCreator!

Try our WebCreator!

Check out the features on each of our WordPress hosting plans, choose the one you want, or contact us if you have something special in mind.